Turn old into new: this is the Motto of Marianne Pletscher, the founder of the Frieda Frech label.

Every day all over the world new products are made from tons of raw matierials. Only a fraction of these products are recycled after they have served their purpose.
Aluminium cans, newspapers, skis boots, golfballs, computers - there is wide range of recycling products already, but there is no limit to the imagination.
To make high quality products from recycled material in Switzerland is the aim and philosophy of Frieda Frech.

After a few turbulences Frieda Frech now launches two new products made from vinyl records.
Every bowl is formed by hand and the wrapping is made from the original record cover. The notes- and newspaperholder is handmade as well - every product is unique.
Marianne Pletscher Marianne Pletscher, 30.04.1961
social educator
and longterm manager
'atelier recyclingart'
in Zurich (2000 - 2005)
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